Models, Nature

Every human being has many fundamental beliefs about the world. These Beliefs underlie an individual's attitudes and from these attitudes stem behaviours and actions and our consciousness. These individual consciousnesses are reflected in our families our immediate communities, our cities, counties, state and nations.

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Self, Ego, transphenomenal and phenomenal World

The self is a collection of the physical attributes and individual perceptions, values and beliefs that are engraved in the persons' inner being that make them unique and different from the other people. The self is indeed inclusive of the personality that makes them so much different in behavior than the rest.

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Monitoring the Results of Transactions

Changing the Script?

Transactional Analysis is essentially a theory of personality, driving a practice of therapy directed toward personal change and growth. Because Transactional Analysis is results oriented, focusing on "what works", it is fluid and a bit difficult to define in terms of its core tenets.

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Personal Philosophy, Values, Personality I

What is a personal philosophy?
Personal philosophy can be simply defined as a frame of mind that guide and set your perspective on things in your life. It just defines how you live your life and how you look at things in your life. Your personal philosophy is what makes you what you truly are.

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Vom Gefühl zu versagen

Sowie wir unser Existieren in Erinnerung rufen und in diesem Zusammenhang unsere Sehnsucht, Wünsche, Bedürfnisse und Ziele verzeichnen, lassen wir mehrfach die Momente des Niederlage s aus. Flop gilt als Anfälligkeit und die beichten wir uns nur widerstrebend ein.

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