• Morphologic Analysis System: Five Easy Steps to Follow

    There are many different ways to finding a solution to a problem. The Morphologic Analysis System is one such problem solving method that can easily be put to good use. It is often made use of when looking into new and different ideas. This also helps to implement or prove an unusual way of thinking, or to simply clear the way especially when blocked by certain factors in the problem.
  • How to Facilitate the Learning Process

    In old days, children were made to learn their lessons by just repeating the text in their books. They were just required to learn their lessons by heart and reiterate those words in their exams or tests. The student might have passed out the exams or tests with best grades but unfortunately their learning curve would not had moved upwards.
  • The best Work Methods for today's Information Age Employee

    We all know that we live in the information age and how technology has changed the landscape of societys work force but where technology has been a positive force for productivity the transition for today's work force has not been so fortunate.
  • 80/20 Tool

    It has been established that approximately 80% of tasks you have to do can be finished in 20% of your disposable time. The unexhausted 20% of tasks will take up up 80% of your time. This principle has come to be critical in assorting and prioritizing tasks into magnitude of importance. Obviously, tasks that fall under the first construct should be ascribeed a larger priority.
  • Work Organization

    Work Organization refers to the way tasks are structured and arranged in order to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. It is indeed how jobs are planned and controlled to accomplish certain predetermined targets.
  • An Effective Instructional Plan is the Key for Success

    A skilled trainer or facilitator is the one who knows how to motivate and encourage trainees into the training materials. Having an instructional plan or an instructional agenda is important to follow along so it can reach the entire classroom with the possibilities of questions asked and feedback received.

  • Managing Burnout Syndrome

    Burnout complex in uncomplicated phrases is unease of the spirit. The people that are most affected by this syndrome are service providers like police officers, medical professionals, counselors, team leaders, managers, etc. These individuals become hostile towards the very people whom they are committed to provide.
  • Thinking Skills

    There different levels of thinking that involve increasingly complex skills. These skills can be taught in a systematic way. Through writing and social studies reading, you can teach and practice these building block tools for higher levels of problem solving and include the materials throughout the curriculum.

  • The universal Nature of the Pareto Principle

    The Pareto principle popularly referred to as the 80-20 rule is nothing but a mathematical formula that was discovered by an Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto to describe the unequal distribution of wealth in his country.
  • Abrasive Negotiating - an Overview

    Abrasive negotiating involves a demanding, aggressive and demeaning negotiator. The reasons for abrasive negotiating range from cultural patterns to simple ignorance. Abrasive negotiating can be resolved with training and education.
  • Intuition or Instinct in Business?

    Instinct is mostly represented as the interior sound in our body and soul that communicates to us in all facets of our lives. There is a large difference in between conscience and instinct so beware not to misunderstand the two. instinct is a important  mode of knowing whether something is going to work out or not or yet if someone is revealing you the fact or not.