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Team Atmosphere and Realistic Expectations

Building a ideal team and setting realistic expectation is first and foremost in any establishment. While a team is mentioned,it is important to know that the team will contain people of different opinions and expectations. It is mandatory that when a project is assigned,all the differences are kept aside and the individual members should work as a team to achieve the result. Though it is natural that controversies will occur during discussions, it should be eliminated though proper channels. If not the differences would sure affect the project outcome.

>> Favoritism is to be strictly avoided in the team.
>> Equal importance is to be given to every person's opinion in the team.
>> Bran storming sessions are essential.
>> Frequent team meetings are necessary.
>> Team outings is to be arranged in equal time intervals.
>> Communication between the members and their leader has to be healthy.

Setting a goal that can be achieved within a time frame is a significant duty of the team leader. A brain storm session should be conducted before a goal is decided upon, so the whole team knows on what they are working on without being blindly scattered. The team leader should not push impossible goals on team members, one-on-one meetings can be conducted to understand what can be expected from the particular personnel.

Micro management should not be imposed at all the times, team members should be given their space to work. Expectation setting is a crucial part, as each individual has a unique style of working. It is a primary duty of the team leader to identify their potential and make the right use of it. It is not advisable to set a goal that cannot be delivered with the expected quality.

The principal fact that has to be kept in mind is that, quality is chief than the quantity


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