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Work Organization

Work Organization refers to the way tasks are structured and arranged in order to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. It is indeed how jobs are planned and controlled to accomplish certain predetermined targets.

Work Organization needs to be structured in such a way that it brings out the best out of workers and actively involve and participate them in duties that will motivate and make them feel recognized.

There are various fundamental aspects that make work organization as efficient as it is effective and they include:

Team work: Work should be planned and structure in such a way that it promotes cooperation and collaboration in the duties that are being carried out.

Work should have variability: Tasks in an organization should be rotated to avoid too much job repetition that could be a source of demotivation for employees. Duties can be arranged in shifts and overtime. In addition, shift tasks should not involve too much manual work.

Sufficient employees to handle tasks: A good work organization should have enough workers to deal with work at hand. Overworking of employees is a demotivator for employees that could cause a high employee turn over.

Adequate breaks: Work needs to be arranged in a way that it allows for sufficient physical recovery. This enables the workers to rest and recoup their energy for upcoming jobs.

Setup routine maintenance procedures: An efficient work arrangement requires that there be set periodic repairs in order to safeguard to operating tools and equipments. This reduces the rate of plant and machinery depreciation.

Carry out risk assessment: Tasks should be tested for their possibility of causing hazards. The level of harm associated with any task needs to be known, so that appropriate proactive risk prevention measures can be effected. Physical and psychological harm to employees should be kept at kept at the lowest level, which is, according to the organizations’ budgetary allocation and management’s commitment.