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A model is a predictive development of the organizations' future financial or operational activities that actively informs the organization of future projections. Indeed, it's a representation of a real situation that is built to save on financial resources and ultimately reduce the risk of potential loss in the event that the actual situation happens unpredictably.

Models are designed to forecast many organizational activities and are based on historical and present information that is analyzed to show a projected future scenario that can enable the organization plan for the eventualities. Organizations have financial models that predict future profit and loss, sales forecasts to show the organization's future financial capacity to fund its activities and obligations.  These models have can be partial as far as time is concerned since some of the models are used for periodic financial projections of projects and ventures or in the launch of a new product. Models can be compact and take up less space because they are a representation of the real product or scenario.

Man power models are used show future human resource needs in terms of competencies, skills, and number of an organization. This model runs through out the years the organization is in existence as human resources are the executing force of the organization and will probably be required all the time. These models aid in the formulation of effective policies and procedures that will benefit the organization in achieving future targets and objectives.

The man power Models can also be used to approximate the turnover rates an organization is expected to have in the future and therefore can effect necessary strategic solutions to avoid adverse human resource issues in the future. Manpower models are consistent and can be compacted or reduced in space, into computer programs instead of the manual strenuous paper work and clerical work.

Models can have the positive effect of reducing an organization's expenses and ultimately reduce on the risk of venturing into organizations activities. Models are used to minimize the uncertainty that is marked in modern organization especially in regards to product development and internal activities of the organization.

The reduction of space is an important aspect of models since they are representations. The computer has introduced the advancement of models that embrace dynamics and change according to situations. In regards to time, models can have periodic to continuous time as different models can be used for different organizational situations depending on their short or long term nature.