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Self communication has always been the best method to improvise and improve one's personality. Many refer it as a a step towards introspection to deal with the thorough analysis of one's self. Man is best known by only one person and that is person is he himself. We may dodge and can easily fool the closest of the people but not us of course.

We always know what we are doing and somewhere in our sub conscious mind can evaluate the moral correctness of the undertaking. The power to remember the results of our actions and utilize our experiences in a better manner for our own good in the future sets us apart from other mammals. That is too achieved by communicating with ourselves.

History is the best witness to this fact that many prominent people were under the aegis of scholars and philosophers. Be it Aristotle or Mahatma Gandhi himself, the iconic people have always maintained a close relationship with themselves. By doing this they could easily realize their short comings and could gain a control over their senses under any situations. Techniques like Yoga and meditation have long been used and appreciated. Such people who regularly analyze themselves are more thoughtful and their decisions are far more robust, far sighted and comparatively more prolific.

Being practical and pragmatic in your approach towards whatever you come across helps in strengthening of the decisions. It is a wise move to give your head an edge over your heart but not always. Being emotional and humane is what makes us more human. It is upto you to decide where and how to make a harmonious equilibrium between the mind and the heart.

There is a thin line between rationality and emotionality which of course decides the course of action our judgements shall take. If you know yourself perfectly, you can never fall into the trap of what's good and what's bad. Communicating with ones self is a bliss and thereafter knowing yourself is, again, divine.