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Call African American Voters in a swing state

Rudolf J. --

My wife Jill is an extraordinary woman.

Lately, she's been teaching school during the week and joining me on the campaign trail on the weekends. But this week, she also found some time to go to campaign headquarters and call voters in crucial battleground states.

Jill has always had a great time talking to potential supporters, and I'm sure her calls brought Barack and me a few votes closer to victory.

Can you do the same? Today you have the opportunity to reach out to African American voters in Indiana, an important constituency that could help decide the outcome of this election.

Get your list of voters right now.

Watch this video of my wife making calls, see how easy it is, and then join her and tens of thousands of volunteers across the country by making calls from your own home.

Watch the video and call voters

With the conventions and the debates behind us, this election is now in your hands.

Reaching out to swing voters by making these calls is one of the most powerful ways to make a difference right now.

No matter how many rallies Barack and I hold or speeches we give, supporters like you talking to fellow voters one-on-one is the way we're going to win this election.

Get your list of supporters today and give them a call right from your own home:

Get your list of voters right now.

Thanks for everything you're doing,


P.S. -- Can't make calls this weekend? Sign up to make calls for the campaign later this week:


(edited by Rudolf J. Osler; die Linx sind teilweise nicht mehr aktuell)

Trotz der großen Herausforderungen denen wir gegenüber standen, und weiterhin gegenüber stehen, verweigern wir das Abgleiten in negativem Denken und Pessimus. Unsere Organisation glaubt an das Befähigen der Menschen zur Selbsentfaltung.

Talal Abu-Ghazaleh

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