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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ratgeber für MicroUnternehmen Konfliktmanagement

Managing Conflicts in a Business Environment

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Conflict is inherent in group settings and its proper management can be critical to the ultimate success of the whole group. Inasmuch, leaders of people engaged in a business environment should strive to fully understand conflict and learn to manage it constructively.

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Technical and Communication Barriers

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Conflicts can be reduced by calling in a third party to listen to all sides, especially when large problems have all ready erupted when the manager will not listen to reasons or listen at all.

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Constructive Management of Conflicts

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Constructive management of conflicts depends on several factors: honest communication, active listening, finding common interests, and articulation. But what do these terms mean?

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Gute Leute sind gut, weil sie zu Weisheit durch Versagen gekommen sind.

William Saroyan

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