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Concepts of Input and Output in Work and Learning Methods

By inspection alone, the difference between "input" and "output" are the prefixes "in and out" which are opposites and the similarity is the the root word "put". These are simple words by themselves and the meanings are discernible that need no further explanation.
In the early years of computers, the phrase "garbage in - garbage out" refer to the condition that whatever is keyed in the computer is what comes out of it or input = output. That is no longer true today. There are so many program applications that are being used may come up with data analysis, summary or projection of whatever is keyed in. The computer can be tasked to do so many things about a simple input for it to come up with output of tremendous amount of information.

In the field of work, training programs and orientation workshops are some of the inputs for the trainees to prepare them for a particular job or field of work. There are many ways of delivering these inputs, like video presentation, lecture, forum, panel discussion, books and references, and the like but "hands-on or on the job training" is found stimulating, enlightening and efficient.

The outputs of these training programs and orientation workshops, however, vary from one trainee or learner to another. How is this so? The educational background, experience, attitude, state of the mind and personal perception affect the effect of the training program to each individual trainee or learner. Even in a well-selected group, the effect of these factors can easily be observed since there are so many kinds of learners. Some individuals learn fast, some learn slowly, some do not listen carefully, some want to be sure and some need to have some encouragement.

There are also those, who can think how to do things better, faster and more efficient than the input. These are the individuals who are needed in any field of work, those who do their best to improve themselves, their work and their way of life. This is "input = output plus".
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