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Bureaucracy and Culture

Bureaucracy is a complex structure of systems in an organization that is characterized by rigidity of policies and rules that make achievement of goals and objectives almost uncertain. Indeed, Bureaucracy is witnessed especially in government institutions where absolute ways of doing things are acknowledged and ultimate conformity of these procedures are dully followed.

Bureaucracy in an organization can be potentially disastrous as it's likely to be opposed as it does not allow for cultural diversity in the organization. Any organization has its employees coming from different cultural backgrounds and therefore exhibit different behaviors as shaped by their diverse cultures. It's said that culture dies hard and therefore an organization that fails to incorporate employees' ways of life will miss an excellent opportunity to achieve goals and objectives.

Culture, being a way of life, should be actively involved in the organizations' activities and operations. This platform is not offered by bureaucracy since it pushes for an environment where the cultural individualism is not ultimately addressed. This causes the organization not have clear communication lines as employees remain adamant to provide information that would promote that organization in achievement of its goals and objectives.

The hierarchy and rigid formal rules of bureaucracy has blocked the cultural diversity in many organizations and that has consequently made employees reluctant to organizations' tasks. When employees are allowed to express their cultural views without victimization, they will be more productive as far achievement the task handed to them are concerned. This is attributed to the fact that policies in the organization permit a way of life that they recognize themselves with.

The division of labor and maintenance of many records and files has made operations of organizations complex and have locked out the diversity created by personal employee cultures. An organization looking to capitalize on the different cultures that it possesses in its employees, should reap the full benefit of combined work ethics and a job specification that offers inclusion of cultural factors in the organizations' activities.

Bureaucracy in organization ultimately cultivates a very bad organizational culture that restricts good performance in employees. Workers will be seen to have behaviors that exhibit low employee satisfaction and that could lead to high turnover in the concern jobs. These aspects of the organization soon will be noticed and the organization will not attract sufficient workforce as people will not be willing to render their human resource efforts to an organization that does not recognize their cultural diversity and its incorporation into the organizations' operations.