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Personal Philosophy, Values, Personality I

What is a personal philosophy?
Personal philosophy can be simply defined as a frame of mind that guide and set your perspective on things in your life. It just defines how you live your life and how you look at things in your life. Your personal philosophy is what makes you what you truly are.

Your personal philosophy has developed and evolved all your life through all you actions, behaviour, success and failures. Your personal philosophy is what you think about the world. It is your mental model that explains what you think about the world and what your assumptions and belief are.

It is very hard to defined what a personal philosophy really is, as there are just too many factors in it for anyone to grasp the complete picture without missing anything on the way. Personal philosophy can be defined and explain in following 9 terms:

1. Personal Congruence
Personal congruence is the alignment of values, goals, morals and desires of an individual with the rest of the society.

2. Desire
It is a sense of hope for an outcome or an object. When a person desire something, he takes actions to get that object

3. Commitment
It is a kind of promise to do something or not to do something, such as I am committed to be present at my friend's birthday

4. Motivation
A driving force which makes you achieve your goals.

5. Value System
It is a set of values that indicates ethical or ideological integrity.

6. Personal Definition of Success
Different people defines success differently in their lives.

7. Passion
A term that is given to a strong feeling about a person or a thing. It is a compelling feeling or want to achieve something

8. Life Balance
It is matter of understanding that happiness in life is not about striving hard constantly with intensity, but it is about maintaining balance in life

9. Attitude
It is basically your stand on things and your evaluation of people, ideas, or just about anything in your environment, in a positive or negative way.

Ich bin für die Maßnahmen, die das größte an Nutzen für die größte Menge bieten.

Abraham Lincoln

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