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Blaming Others II

We have all experienced, observed or been guilty of such behaviour. The more mature approach is unfortunately quite scarce in practice. When first encountered it can be a very pleasant surprise, especially if one is expecting the blame! As one evolves it becomes easier to adopt this approach.

Here one would move from Parent-Child to Adult- Adult, which is a much more beneficial approach. Recriminations simply waste time without being at all constructive.

It should be noted that anger when things go wrong is not useful. “What went wrong”, “Why? (not Who?)” and “What can be done about it” should be uppermost in one’s mind.

If one adopts these attitudes with ones own children they will be encouraged to apply these principles themselves and one will have modelled an excellent attitude which will serve them well. This is how we best fill our responsibilities. One is also much more likely to be told the straight truth rather than evasions or outright lies about what has happened, so you will know exactly what you will be dealing with.

When one starts living the principles embodied in Life Coaching it makes one’s life so much easier to handle, as one is not constantly distracted by irrelevancies and non-issues. This is when one realizes that the Journey is worth the effort, even though it will never be complete. It is a pity that these principles are not part of the school curriculum from an early age. Basic skills in reading and writing and arithmetic are necessary, but other skills can usefully be learnt when needed.

How much is spent at school and college learning something that will never be used? Good attitudes and understanding of self and others are fundamental to a good life and good citizenship. And by this is not meant “good” in religious terms, many religions espouse very harmful attitudes and reject tolerance.