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Ego Fortification, Projections III

This technique has a huge application at work, where it can help us improve our attitudes to others and our interpersonal relation. These are both aspects that may prevent us reaching our potential, or we may tend to undermine our best efforts with our tongues.

If you're good at your job but nasty in other ways, it may mean that you will be passed over for promotion in favour of someone else who is not so good so the job but gets on with others better. Generally it can be said that just being good at your job is not usually enough except in highly technical occupations. Other attributes can play a larger part in success.

You could also play some part in helping others to become aware of these factors, and this could develop into a significant role. Just don't be over-aware of it to the extent that you become annoying. Somebody trying to push pop psychology on others is not acceptable. Just be prepared to help when asked and concentrate on self-improvement. Remember, there is no point to the master appearing before the student is ready to receive his teachings.

Self improvement is a lifelong journey and we never reach our destination. If this were not so life could be very boring. Because we are continually faced with new challenges and are always adapting our life scripts to circumstances to some degree, we need to revise our two lists to see what we have achieved and what we need to add. It is important to stay current with this. But the good results and a more pleasant life journey are ample rewards for our efforts.

(continued from part II)

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