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Measure of Incongruity Individuals

It is highly required to understand each and every individual present in an organisation. The same has to be followed by all those employees in an organisation to know about their organisation and also the business procedures.

It is always required to know the environment in which they work better.

Great decision makers are those who know their work area and also the surrounding so as to implement a change in the culture and also leadership according to the situation. For this to happen it is also very important to have perception on each and every individual of organisation. The studies have indicated that the General Incongruity Adaptation Level (GIAL) theory is very much useful in predicting variations in risk preference under different degrees of environmental incongruity.

It is also found that the individuals who manage to score high credentials on the GIAL Self-Description test were found to perceive incongruent decision environments as less risky and are able to incorporate more risky procedures in the decisions they made, and also are able to respond to changes in environmental turbulence in more rational ways, than did lower scoring individuals.

It has to be noted that perception of an individual is always made with their adaptation to the incongruent behaviours as because it is well understood that everyone is able to work better in the congruent conditions. This incongruency perception level is observed mostly with two more complex sets of specifications.

One set here describes the individual’s conditions of stimulation which is normally carried out with physical measures such as wavelength and also other psychological norms like description of a picture. These first are generally called the “stimulus factors”. The second set is actually empirical in nature.

The second set concerns the operation of certain directive factors like: given stimulus input of certain characteristics, directive process in the organism to organize perceptual field and also to minimize percepts inimical to needs and expectations.This is also called as the minimax axiom. These procedures if effectively followed leads to search of individuals who could manage incongruency who in turn becomes an effective decision maker.


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